Saturday, May 14, 2011

where I am lacking

This is the term I am lacking
every one is to lack some where some time some thing, some personality, some advantage, some preferences, some one likes, some one dislikes, some food, some vitamin, some knowledge, some one guidance, some sports, some arts, lots of lacks even though the person pretend he is perfect

they dont know the meaning of perfectness
the 'Quality means the job done perfect at first time "

every one run behind the success thinking they are perfect but they forget all the lac kings they have
Money is every one's need forget about the money
Money doesn't give success without the knowledge
if u earn the money in any way u need to have the knowledge to spend this for eating food

the people doesn't want to know where they r lacking even though  they come to know about that
they don't have time to make correct they think " if i waste my time in this i will be missing my biggest opportunity in  front of me but after gaining that opportunity, this will come again in front of u  like a wall where u r laking then u might lose that opportunity in a sec.

my thought is just don't live to be lived like some one making lot of money making lot of property
just u learn all the things which s necessary to leave in the world
in my experience people have knowledge of whole system but they don't have language to express in front of the world some may miss use that
people who is know lot of language but they don't know the system they make above people as victims

this kind of people will have half knowledge "half knowledge, half confident is very much dangerous"

some day in their carrier or life they will burst

just know keep thinking thinking thinking where i am lacking.........................................

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